Basic Data Matrix
Shelter Animals Count is using the Basic Data Matrix, developed by the National Federation of Humane Societies, as the foundation for the database and as a basis for the minimum data shelters should be collecting and reporting.

Coalition Builder Tool
Shelter Animals Count has added a tool - Coalition Builder - that makes the data portal even more valuable for our participating shelters and rescues, as well as coalition leaders across the country.

Video Resources
Overview Tour of Shelter Animals Count featuring our published Data Dashboards and new Coalition Builder tool through a demonstration video.

Success Stories: How Numbers Can Tell Your Story - and Save Lives!
Understanding the vital roles of data and transparency is fundamental to our efforts to save homeless pets. Here are three illustrative case studies of SAC participants that have used data and transparency to increase lifesaving impact.

Take a test drive of the registration process through our demonstration videos. We’ll walk you through the steps of initial registration, having your organization’s authorized person confirm participation, and how to enter your data into your private dashboard each month.

Shelter Software Reports
For shelters using PetPoint, please refer to these instructions on how to set up a report to simplify your monthly Shelter Animals Count data entry.

For shelters using Chameleon: If you are a Chameleon user and an HLP, Inc client, click here to sign into your account and get access to Shelter Animals Count report templates and technical assistance.

For shelters using ShelterBuddy, click here for an easy to follow guide on how to run the data matrix report, including a detailed version of the report which details the animals that are included in the report for each section.

For shelters using Shelterluv: If you are a Shelterluv user, click here to sign into your account, then navigate to Reports section, then "External Reports" and then select "Animal Stats Matrix."

For shelters using Petstablished, if you are a Petstablished user, click here to sign into your account, then navigate to Reports section, click "Create New Report," then select "Shelter Animals Count" from the Report Type drop down. You will need to wait a few minutes for the report to generate so please feel free to leave the reports section to do other things and come back to download it later on.