Shelter Animals Count Data Dashboard Tour

The Data Dashboard Video Tour provides an overview of the data dashboard visualizations. It demonstrates how to view the data regionally, by specie, by agency and over time. The video is intended to provide a quick jump start to help you understand how to use the data dashboard visualization tool.

Overview Tour of Shelter Animals Count

Provides an overview of Shelter Animals Count featuring the Data Dashboards and new Coalition Builder tool. 
Take a test drive of the registration process through our demonstration videos below. We’ll walk you through the steps of initial registration, having your organization’s authorized person confirm participation, and finally how to enter your data into your private dashboard each month.


Leads you through the initial registration process to sign your shelter up.


Shows the process your organization’s authorized person (designated by you during registration)
will need to take to confirm your participation and add your shelter to the map!

Data Reporting

Tours you through the features of your private dashboard, and how to report your data there each month.