One Team.
One Vision.

Shelter Animals Count is a new, collaborative initiative formed by a diverse group of stakeholders to create and share a national database of sheltered animal statistics, providing facts, and enabling insights that will save lives.


Shelter Animals Count
Chief Executive Officer

Sara Kent was named Chief Executive Officer of Shelter Animals Count in September 2017. Before joining Shelter Animals Count, Sara spent 17 years with as one of the adoption site’s first employees.

As the Director of Shelter Outreach for Petfinder, Sara and her team managed relationships with 14,000 animal adoption organizations. She led the creation of Petfinder Pro, the professional side of Petfinder, dedicated to providing tools and resources to animal shelters and rescue groups. During her tenure at Petfinder, Sara visited over 100 shelters nationwide and was a frequent presenter at national and regional animal welfare conferences.

Sara serves as a board member for the Animal Welfare Federation of New Jersey, a statewide collection of professional animal welfare advocates working together to improve the lives of animals. She is the founder of FIVER Cats, an online resource dedicated to community cats and FIV+ cats. Sara lives in Montclair, New Jersey with her husband and several adopted pets, including two mixed breed dogs, four house cats, and a community cat named Lana.